Polyester resin is a perfect packaging solution for those who look for an eclectic, luxurious and refined material. Surprising blends of shades give life to marbles, gemstones and precious materials such as ivory or horn.

The application of resin is broad, thanks to its durability and compatibility with fragrances, alcohol and high temperatures.

Caps for perfumes, candle lids, stoppers for premium spirits and make-up components are only some of the products that can be crafted with resin on custom design.

Thanks to a strong know-how and a range of high technology machinery, we are able to support our customers on any project development, providing a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, for small and large production runs.

Low tooling costs and rapid prototyping are the ultimate features that make resin a smart choice.

Last but not least, environmentally friendly options such as bio-resins and natural wood are also available.


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